Grades 1-5

Winchester Thurston School, North Campus is one of the great private elementary schools near Allison Park, PA that offers children in grades 1 - 5 an idyllic learning environment that's uniquely suited to their needs.

A Responsive Approach to Learning

At Winchester Thurston School, North Campus, a private elementary school, learning is an interactive process of hands-on discovery in a challenging college-preparatory curriculum. Grounded in the Responsive Classroom (link) approach, our faculty bring together social and academic learning throughout the school day.

Recognizing each child’s unique affinities and talents, we offer customized instruction in the Academic Enrichment and Challenge Program.

More than Core

Grade-specific thematic units bring our rigorous core curriculum to life. Some examples include:

  • First graders explore architecture through visual art, mathematics, history, engineering, and even language arts and performing arts. The unit includes an in depth study of the school building’s award-winning design, exploring timeless structural and design elements in the Hall of Architecture at the Carnegie Museum of Art, investigating famous buildings, and writing and performing a play.
  • Second graders study communities as systems, including their role as community members. They visit the many businesses and organizations that comprise a community to understand how they are interdependent. Back at school, students design and build their own simulated communities using recycled materials. Teachers introduce economic shifts, natural disasters, and social problems to the simulated communities and students apply the concepts they’ve learned to devise solutions.
  • Third graders are immersed in the 19th century Westward Movement along the Oregon Trail. They create economies in their Trading Post, build a notched log cabin in the Pioneer Village, and practice the self-reliance required for survival on the trail.
  • Fourth graders become active creators and users of technology. Under the direction of WT’s Computer Science Department, in collaboration with their multi-disciplinary Greek unit, students learn HTML to build a web news portal about ancient Greek life. They study the evolution of mass communication from the first newspapers in Athens to Web 2.0.
  • In preparation for Middle School, fifth graders become increasingly self-sufficient and resourceful as the faculty engage them as role models and leaders of the school. Students facilitate all-school assemblies, deliver morning announcements, and give tours of the campus. Leadership takes on a global dimension when students host peers from Peking University Elementary School for two-week cultural exchange.

The Elementary Program provides:

  • A small class setting in a safe, secure, inspiring learning environment
  • A curriculum that brings together social-emotional, and academic learning
  • Study of Spanish or Mandarin language and culture with a focus on verbal language acquisition
  • Dedicated science education
  • Computer Science and technology integrated into the curriculum
  • An art curriculum that is based on art history
  • Comprehensive performing arts program
  • Physical education highlighted by adventure-based activities
  • Exploration and experimentation that is informed by children's interests
  • Enriched and unique learning environments -- indoor and outdoor
  • Students and families who take tremendous pride in the WT school community
  • Extended day and after school program options which allow children to be dropped off as early as 7:30 a.m. and picked up as late as 6:00 p.m.

Application Checklist for Grades 1 – 5 at the Lower School North Campus

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