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Academic Enrichment and Challenge

Winchester Thurston School, North Campus maintains a challenging curriculum for all its students, while recognizing that students come to the school with different learning needs.

The Academic Enrichment and Challenge Program (AEC) meets the unique needs of high-ability learners using methods that address their individual learning rates and styles, and providing an instructional environment that encourages and nurtures inquiry, flexibility, and creative thinking.

Components of the AEC Program

  • Whole-class and small-group activities in the classroom that complement the existing curricula.
  • Interesting and fun activities -- like puzzles, critical thinking games, hands-on learning experiences, and contests -- that keep students engaged in learning.
  • Pull-out programs in certain subjects like math and language arts that provide appropriately accelerated learning challenges to those students performing one or more grade levels beyond their classmates.
  • Resources that are open to all, and a dedicated AEC teacher who works with our classroom teachers to provide enrichment for all students.
  • Thorough and ongoing academic assessments to identify bright students for enrichment programming.
  • Consistent and regular monitoring of students to ensure that their academic needs continue to be met.

What Makes Our AEC Program Unique

Many schools offer programs for high-ability learners, so what makes Winchester Thurston School, North Campus special? Too often, enrichment programming is severely constrained because of limited resources. Enrichment programming requires time, staffing, and space. As a result, many schools' programs take a "one-size-fits-all" approach and don't allow for the individualized process used by WT.

AEC students spend at least 45 minutes a day, five days per week, with our highly trained enrichment teachers. Pull-out enrichment classes are small, allowing our teachers to truly individualize and tailor their instruction. Whatever form this instruction takes, the goal is the same: to keep all WT students challenged, engaged, and excited about learning.

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