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A Celebration of City as Our Campus

"A Celebration of City as Our Campus" is now installed in the main hallway of Molloy Posner Hall. Originally announced by the Board of Trustees in May, the installation showcases the history, projects, and impact of real-world learning at WT, and thanks former Head of school Gary J. Niels for his 16 years of service.

The best part about the installation? A team of Upper School students created software in their Algorithm Design Class for the 70" display screen, the heart of the installation. Members of the Class of 2019, Daniela Schafer, Jiaping Li, and Yuelong Li, and Sophia Lebiere '18, met with school administrators to design and develop the easy-to-use display that reveals photos and stories about City as Our Campus.

Display boxes holding artifacts of student work developed through City as Our Campus experiences, including a 3D-printed prosthetic leg, student publications, and first grade urban architecture projects, flank the screen.

The project debuted at the 2018 STEM Symposium as "BundleBee" – named for the "bundles of images" comprising the display's data structure.

Daniela Schafer, Class of 2019, presents "BundleBee" at the 2018 STEM Symposium.